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Briefing of Modern Management Training center

Modern Management Training center


Proceeding from our belief in the preparation of Arab institutions of able to provide quality training services compliant with international standards, believing in what we had from our national institutions to provide scientific and technical expertise and competencies and the development of public and private sector institutions, founded Modern Management Training Center in Saudi Arabia, Which is compatible with the values and the well-established and authentic principles that characterize  community of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, Modern Management Training Center  aims to rehabilitate and train and assist workers in all bodies and public and private institutions to acquire scientific knowledge and skills necessary for them to develop and contribute to the support of public and private institutions to raise the efficiency of its employees. 

Modern Management Training Center also features to possess the necessary resources to provide training programs for customers with high quality and expertise through experts and instructors and professors specialists at a high level in many of the knowledge of administrative, financial and technical expertise characterized by modernity and development and continuous improvement fields.  


To be the leading center in the Arab region in the provision of training courses that is characterized by quality and compliant with international standards.  


  • Modern Management Training Center provides high-quality training programs
  • Prepare a competent staff, able to contribute effectively to the development of the performance of their organizations.
  • Includes distinct and varied selection of lecturers experienced efficient and professional staff members who are able to positively contribute to the needs of the institutions of skills and abilities that make them rise to the summit of excellence. 


  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Learning
  • Accountability
  • Respect



  • Provide trainees with the knowledge and skills needed to raise the rates of job performance and to address deficiencies in some of the skills and behaviors, if any, to bring about a qualitative leap in the vicinity of their business and competitive conditions
  • Preparation the training courses capable of  addressing the needs of the actual training of the trainee knowledge and skills that the trainee feel he needed to do his job, analyzed and put them in the order according to their importance and priority to perform the work.
  • Improve the capacity of workers of all target sectors, each in his field in order to raise the level of performance efficiency.
  • The development of administrative, financial and technical work in the bodies and institutions in the public and private sector to achieve the doubling of production and save time and effort
  • Rooting the principles of partnership between the public sector and the private sector and build productive relationships with them
  • Preparation the training courses that develop creativity career, and the use of effective tools to raise the personal productivity and motivate employees

Ministry of Heals
Saudi Arabian Airlines
Arabia Insurance Cooperative Company
Ministry of Housing
Dorectprate of Human Resources - Sharjah
Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority
The Holding Company for Water Supply and Sewerage

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